Call me Vas. I am a professional dog cuddler, dancer and storyteller.

Creativity, Adaptability, Critical thinking

Marketing specialist with many years of experience working in the performing arts industry in Lithuania and the UK.

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Training professionally as a ballet dancer laid the foundation of how I would approach any kind of work further into my future. The competitive ballet school environment shaped my work ethic and sense of responsibility and taught me to handle pressure effectively.


Later, the opportunity to work in large dance companies had a major impact on developing my social skills. My interest in choreography has led me to explore creative thinking and principles of research that I applied in my Creative Advertising with Marketing studies. My professional dance background has helped me to gain First-Class Honours as an undergraduate student.


I am freelancing as a producer and collaborating with the New Baltic Dance, ConTempo, Cirkuliacja. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's (MSc) in International Marketing and Management at ISM.  I am confident that all the skills I have gained as a dancer and producer are relevant and applicable to further developing my professional career outside the performing arts.

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For the campaign ‘Anatomy of the brain by Audible’, I embarked on exploring cognitive learning. To absorb the content, the viewer had to invest her time trying to digest the information. The different versions were metaphors for ‘catcalling’, reimagining commonly used sexually suggestive remarks – but this time directed towards the human brain rather than a woman’s body.

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Cell: +370 605 37609
LinkedIn: @VasaraVisockaite